Plein Air Artists

Recently my husband, some of my family and I were camping in Kananaskis Country and on one of our trips in the area, we came across two ladies who were plein air artists. For those unfamiliar with that term, it means they were painting outdoors rather than in a studio. The ladies were very approachable and, because of my love of art, we got to visiting while they packed up for the day. They painted oil landscapes and from the few paintings I saw, I could tell they were accomplished at it.

After we finished talking art, we began to discuss other things, one of which was where they were from. It turns out one grew up not more than fifteen miles from where we live, and she and I had an artist friend in common. Cool. Anyway, because we hit it off so well, we became Facebook friends. I love it when I make an immediate connection with someone. Kindred spirits, as Anne Shirley would say.

There’s a video of plein air artists in which you’ll see my new Facebook friend, (she’s wearing the wide-brimmed, straw hat and teal jacket) and our friend in common, wearing a black jacket with a white scarf. Since I’m not certain if they’d like their name mentioned, I won’t. You should find the video easily:┬áCTV Calgary: Plein Air Artists in K-Country. Of course you’ll have to put up with a bit of an ad first. Go figure.




Guilty as Charged

I'm sorryNo doubt about it. I’m guilty of neglecting my WordPress blog site. I do apologize. I honestly can’t believe just how fast the time has passed since my last blog. But I have been writing, just not here.

I’m currently working on two novels at the same time, one historical and one contemporary. I wish I could write faster than I do, but I can’t seem to rush the process. With two novels on the go, if I get bogged down with one, I switch to the other. I have a feeling that both books will come out at the same time. When that will be, I don’t know. I actually thought the historical one would be done by now. Thank goodness I don’t have an editor hounding me. Of course, maybe that’s exactly what I need. I often write better under pressure.

So I beg your forgiveness and I’ll make a better effort.