Pull Up Your Pants!

I don’t often rant, but seeing young men walking around with their pants hanging halfway down their butts with their colorful boxers showing, well quite frankly, it drives me nuts! I mean really, do you have to? What is the point of this fashion trend? If these guys think they look cool, they’re delusional. I have found myself tempted to step on the ratty tatty heels of such pants to see if they’d stay up. Hey. I bet you’ve had the urge to do the same thing! I swear those pants defy gravity.

And please, don’t say they wear it that way because it’s comfortable. I’ve had elastic go out of a pair of sweat pants and believe it is not a comfortable feeling. And to have the crotch so low must surely chaff the insides of their thighs as these dudes stroll along, hands in their pockets. Maybe hands in their pockets help to hold their pants up.

Not that long ago I saw a guy dressed in his saggy, baggy pants and he was pushing a baby carriage. It was all I could do not to go over there and tell him to grow up. If he is old enough to father a child, he should be old enough to know how to wear a pair of pants properly.

I did some research. Apparently, the saggy pants trend may have started in prison. No belts are allowed in prison because of the risk that they made be used for suicide. So the pants often sagged. But it is also reported that it was a way of stating that you had been “claimed” by another inmate as a receiver. And I’m not talking football here!

So, does this mean that guys who wear baggy pants are “receivers”? I don’t know. and I don’t care. But I do care about what I see when I’m walking down the street. I do not want to see some guy’s ginch, no matter how colourful. It’s insulting.

Pull ’em up, boys. Thank you. Rant’s over.