The Romance Reviews Banner …Ta Da!

90x120_TRR_AnimatedBanner Sometimes I wish I had a split personality and the other half of me was a teenager with computer skills! Then, whenever I came across a tricky task (tricky for me, anyhow), I’d invoke my teenager-self to figure it out. Like today. I wanted to put “The Romance Reviews” banner on my blog. The Romance Reviews a great site if you want to find out about a romance novel, and whether you’d enjoy it. Since they help promote romance authors, including little old me, I’d like to promote them. Honestly, how hard should it be to put up a little banner? Apparently for me, very hard. And alas, I have no teenager to call upon.

Apparently, doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of You can only do certain tasks if you are a member. I didn’t know this. So I spent over two hours trying to upload the banner to a sidebar. Nope. Not allowed. I’m sure any teenager would have tried once, twice at the most, and would have known it couldn’t be accomplished. But, because I flounder on a computer like a flounder at a computer, I just assumed I was doing something wrong.

We all know that saying, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.” But that didn’t stop me from doing the same wrong thing over and over again. Of course, I checked for assistance on google several times. Nothing made sense. I hit the help button on WordPress. I hit my head against the wall. But I couldn’t get that little banner to upload.

If not for my Crimson Romance friend, I’d still be cursing! Terri Herman-Ponce, sweet girl that she is, suggested I put the banner in a post. So I did. See it? Nifty, isn’t it? Here’s the link! Maybe a teenager lurks within me afterall.