Where Did The Years Go?

My husband and I recently celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary. I’ve spent some time thinking back over the years we’ve been together. I’m almost as surprised as probably half of our wedding guests that we made it this far. Who would have expected a naive seventeen year old woman, a girl really, and a young twenty year old man just barely on his own two feet to ever make their marriage work? But by the grace of God, we did. It was wonderful, tragic, easy, desperate and every other emotion imaginable.  We were friends, farmer and farm wife, lovers, father, mother, photo technician, picture framer, carpenter, artist, backhoe operator, and writer, but mostly we two birds flying with and against the wind. In our journey we were blessed by two wonderful children and now grandchildren.

Many people say they wouldn’t change a thing in their marriage. Oh, that I could! I wish I could take back the arguments we had, the hurt and pain we caused each other. I wished I had enjoyed my children more when they were young. I wish I had worried less and trusted more. But there is no going back. Only moving forward.

Soon we will be approaching retirement. What then? Travel? Take on a different job? We don’t know, but if we jump in with both feet like we did on our wedding day, it’s sure to be exciting!


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  1. Elke Feuer
    Sep 19, 2013 @ 21:11:58

    Big congrats to you and your husband, Carol! That is an achievement! If you can handle 40 years of marriage, I’m sure retirement will be a piece of cake. ENJOY!


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