Here I am.

Yup, here I am. My editor said I should have a blog site and now I do. That done, I think I’ll just sit back, prop my feet up and feel smug that I’ve conquered another hurdle on the road to publishing……What? …… Now I need to write?  Hey, I did that already. I wrote an entire novel. Stubborn Hearts, remember?

I guess between the time I began writing said novel, which was sometime in the early 1800’s, and the time I finished it, the publishing trade changed drastically. No longer does the publisher take care of all the promotional work. I’m expected to help.

Egads! Even though I’ve been in retail all my life, I’m a terrible salesperson. My sales pitch is: if you like it, buy it. Of course I never say that out loud, but I think it. Surely people shouldn’t have to be coerced into buying something. They have a brain. They should be able to decide if something is right for them or not.

So, you won’t see much of me pushing my novel. Instead I’m going to write about my life and the zany things that happen around and to me. I live on a buffalo ranch, have delightful grandchildren, own a business, and spend most of my days off doing something creative. That should give me enough fodder for a while.

And, if you like how I write, you might like to buy my forthcoming novel, Stubborn Hearts……oops, sorry! Didn’t mean to mention the you-know-what.


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